wkrótce/ comming soon

18 maj 2011


Moja słabość do barokowych klimatów jest bardzo widoczna w tym domku. Kamienica to trzy różne budynki na zewnątrz połączone w jedną całość wewnątrz.

17 maj 2011


In connection with requests for inserting the guide had to appear here. Tutorial concerns the insertion of windows in attics. I hope it will be useful to more people:)

16 maj 2011

Lubińska Wieża Ciśnień

There is a place in my city, in which when I was little I dreamed to live. Well, I tried to fulfill this dream. Well you can not literally:)



Malinka is a cozy little flat in the historic, newly renovated, former German townhouse. The inspiration for this house was seen by me flat for sale. So in love with him, and that, unfortunately, someone had warned me of buying, I decided to build something similar in the game:)