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17 maj 2011


In connection with requests for inserting the guide had to appear here. Tutorial concerns the insertion of windows in attics. I hope it will be useful to more people:)

So first we put your dream home and then set on the roof, depending on how many windows you want in this way. Then we put the wall so that in places where the roof does not protrude beyond him.

Now we build the next roof to the walls just created so that it covered the whole house:):) 

Now remove all the walls inside the roof:), unless you need some to build another room. I shows the simplest way.

Now enter the code moveObjects it and we can insert the windows

and the end result looks like this

tutorial is completely created by me, and forbid redistribution
Here you can download lots on which they are used in these windows

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  1. Na to czekałam. Bardzo dziękuję za poradnik. Jest super i z pewnością się przyda. Ta gra coraz bardziej mnie zadziwia a gracze jeszcze bardziej swoją pomysłowością. :)