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23 sty 2012

loft uniwersum

Loft Uniwersum is a complex of residential and entertainment, whose creation was inspired by the work of a great and nice curls (thank you for lending the name). Originally the building in which the complex was a distillery. With time, however, the factory building collapsed and fell into disrepair. Until the moment when a businessman did not see its beauty and decided to renovate and adapt it to live. The common part of the building features a gym with a swimming pool, sauna and sanitary facilities, a nightclub, a garage for three cars, library, laundry and garden. Hi floor is available for sale four-room apartment. Decorated in a contemporary style designed for a family of three with a small child. the price of this luxury apartment is only $ 68,312 and the whole complex is situated on a plot of 40x40

10 sty 2012

six pack

This six-pack of six houses, "starters". Each of them is located on lot 10x10 and costs less than $ 16,500. I hope everyone will find something for themselves because the houses are really different
Zorba is a house that had the style to refer to the climates of Greece
piece of furniture costs $ 14,829 house will accommodate two Sims

Country is home to a truly wild west:) and costs $ 15,046 furnished. House will accommodate two Sims


Green tea is a classic two-story house with a green facade. Furnished costs $ 14,717. The house has been created for about two adults and a small child Sims

B&W is a modern house decorated in shades of white and black. An interesting element of the house is a skylight on the roof. House intended for two people but can refurnished office and create a children's room. The whole costs $ 14,434 

Sand Castle is a pleasant and climate beach house for one person. flat in it is a pleasure and even the pocket does not give much because it costs only $ 12,029

 more photos here

Purple is a house having to attract to mind memories of a long journey in the fragrant lavender French regions of Provence. The scent of lavender in your home and other facilities to two sims must pay 14,735

more photos here

6 sty 2012

Brown sugar

Brown Sugar is a sweet, modern house designed for a young couple with one child. At home there are plenty of open space so that there is a lot of daylight. A whole in terms of lighting completes skylight placed on the roof and extending until the basement. In the basement is a master bedroom, bathroom, TV room, a tiny gym, laundry room and garage for two cars. From the main bedroom and the gym we go to put on the same level patio with a jacuzzi. Ground floor of the house is completely open space, which includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, hall and a work area. The first almost entirely floor is intended for a child

price is a lot of furniture $ 198 997
size 25x25

3 sty 2012


Oleander was once the residence belonging to a somewhat crazy Mrs. archaeologist who has been engaged in the exploration of unusual artifacts. When she died and her body was not found, it is said by the words you are dealt, was founded around the house interesting legend. It says that the body of Mrs. archaeologist was not found because, after I threw at her mummy curse, tried to get into her mansion hidden in the spring of youth. Unfortunately she could not and now in the mansion's hidden tomb with this spring, which keeps mummified Mrs. archaeologist. If someone is looking for adventure and have enough courage to confront the secrets of the house it can survive anything unusual because outside of a hidden spring, there is apparently plenty of other treasures. Good luck

 lots 20x 30
 FF 555 476 $

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