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3 sty 2012


Oleander was once the residence belonging to a somewhat crazy Mrs. archaeologist who has been engaged in the exploration of unusual artifacts. When she died and her body was not found, it is said by the words you are dealt, was founded around the house interesting legend. It says that the body of Mrs. archaeologist was not found because, after I threw at her mummy curse, tried to get into her mansion hidden in the spring of youth. Unfortunately she could not and now in the mansion's hidden tomb with this spring, which keeps mummified Mrs. archaeologist. If someone is looking for adventure and have enough courage to confront the secrets of the house it can survive anything unusual because outside of a hidden spring, there is apparently plenty of other treasures. Good luck

 lots 20x 30
 FF 555 476 $

CC free

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  1. Piękny domek, ale niestety ja nie mogę podawać wszędzie moich numerów -.-