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10 sty 2012

six pack

This six-pack of six houses, "starters". Each of them is located on lot 10x10 and costs less than $ 16,500. I hope everyone will find something for themselves because the houses are really different
Zorba is a house that had the style to refer to the climates of Greece
piece of furniture costs $ 14,829 house will accommodate two Sims

Country is home to a truly wild west:) and costs $ 15,046 furnished. House will accommodate two Sims


Green tea is a classic two-story house with a green facade. Furnished costs $ 14,717. The house has been created for about two adults and a small child Sims

B&W is a modern house decorated in shades of white and black. An interesting element of the house is a skylight on the roof. House intended for two people but can refurnished office and create a children's room. The whole costs $ 14,434 

Sand Castle is a pleasant and climate beach house for one person. flat in it is a pleasure and even the pocket does not give much because it costs only $ 12,029

 more photos here

Purple is a house having to attract to mind memories of a long journey in the fragrant lavender French regions of Provence. The scent of lavender in your home and other facilities to two sims must pay 14,735

more photos here

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  1. The download does not work! Please could you provide a new link? These lots are so beautiful, I would love to use them!