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31 lip 2012

new amsterdam 2

Another house with a series of New Amsterdam relating climate to Brooklyn's street buildings in New York. This time it meant to live is one of four houses, in their entirety to the new owners. The house is two storey with a bright and fully functional basement. An additional advantage will be small but lovely garden. The apartment includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, office,
2 bathrooms, utility room and entertainment room.

EP: World Adventures; Ambitions; Late Night; Generations; Pets; Showtime;
SP: High-End Loft Stuff; Fast Lane Stuff; Outdoor Living Stuff; Town Life Stuff; Master Suite Stuff; Diesel Stuff. 


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  1. You should write something about the game. Is it Sims3Pack or .package? Which games can we play it (Base game or Pets or something)?
    *Sorry for bad English, if I made a mistake. :)